About us

Our foremost mission is to provide the finest Persian handwoven carpets to our customers anywhere in the world, for any need in design and budget. Not only do we offer our finest brand carpets to our customers, but also we can help our customers find their desired carpet with any specifications from the most reputable carpet factories and inventories in Iran. We rely on our experience of 100 years of success and pioneering in the carpet industry.

Our history

Gholamhossein, son of Mohammad Rasool, was born in the ancient city of Kashan in 1866, Iran, a city with a civilization dating back to seven thousand years ago. Gholamhossein lost his mother in childhood and his father when a lad, and his aunt took custody of him and raised him in her own family.
Years later, he got married and started a family in his hometown, Kashan, until the age of 42, when financial hardships forced him to leave his hometown for Qom and Karaj, which were close to the capital city. But, just after a few months living in these two small cities, he decided to relocate to Tehran, the capital. However, his hardworking wife, and a dedicated mother to three sons and four daughters, dissuaded him by telling him that she would open a carpet weaving workshop in Qom if he would change his mind about moving to the capital. And that marks the beginning of their handwoven carpets family business, founded by him and his industrious wife in 1910.
Because in those days daughters would be unemployed, they would help their mothers through joining to weave a 12 square meters carpet and a couple of smaller rugs after months of toiling. Gholam Hossein recalled that he sold the larger carpet for the price of 302 tomans, which included 2 tomans as a tip
Carpet weaving was not a common occupation in Qom in those days and Gholam Hossein was one of the first carpet weavers who engaged in this business professionally. Gholam Hossein died in 1958 at the age of 92. At that time, there were more carpet weaving professionals in the city. With the growth in the carpet business, his youngest son, Ali Asghar Arsalani, founded Farsh Qom, LLC. Carpet company. With much dedication and industry, he was able to increase production to 170 carpets a year, which was a significant feat compared to the just a few carpets before the foundation of the company.
After the demise of Master Gholam Hossein, his son Ali Asghar Arsalani, replaced him indeed as a skillful and masterly craftsman in creating artistic woven works. Born in 1913, Ali Asghar never shunned hard work and dedication to his career until his death in 1987. It is an understatement to say that the carpet industry in Qom is indebted to his legacy.

His senior son, Mehdi Arsalani, took over the leadership of the business and has been leading the company in the production of excellent handwoven carpets with dedicated work of several skillful carpet weavers in Qom for 50 years. He received significant help from his father-in-law (Mohammad Saberi), who was a trustee of the carpet industry and who introduced the silk carpets from Qom to the world markets as superior tradition compared to competition from other cities and countries. Mehdi Arsalani transferred his wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and skills to his sons Hamid Arsalani and Vahid Arsalani, who are now leaders in producing magnificent carpets in Qom, Iran. Today, carpets produced by Arsalani family business are exported to the four corners of the world, with some topline carpets in domestic and foreign museums and mansions.